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University of Toronto St. George

Feb. 3rd Notes Monday, February 3, 2014 6:11 PM Summary sheet for Mid-term --> image based •some comparisons •start at 6:10 - 8:00 •any images from lecture •artist, title, date, and what you know about the work The Paragone (comparison and competition) among arts •in every competition is the element of comparison --> comparing different art forms and mediums •painting or sculpture --> focal point of artistic debate, art theory •the physical works of art had already start to explore with different mediums (15th century --> see visual comparisons of art, more formalized tone) •Squarcione --> (excerpt, story) was jealous, criticized him that his painting that resembled sculptures (more stone like, lacked a life-likeness) o Mantegna took it to heart, he went to study life, nature --> still see sense of sculptures of ancient Rome for his work •Andrea Mantegna, St. Sebastian --> shot with arrows by Roman soldiers --> make nude form (show knowledge of human form, very classic, heroic) o Christian saint turned into classical sculpture - heroic o also shows knowledge of classical architecture --> very detailed painting of architectural ornament o very good at rendering the feel of the stone-likeness of sculpture in painting --> see in 2 left feet (scupture fragment and foot) (visual draw to the bottom of painting with Roman soldiers and eyelevel there) o depiction of sculpture and flesh, showing both of them, showing he is good at forming believable stone and human form o also showing the body/flesh as vulnerable --> arrows through body, thigh •…lle --> also taking mythical subjects, capture different materials in painting o craving of stone, 2 layers of stone color --> marble or grey stone used to create relief craving o use of painting to show illusionistic suggestion of space --> with background of exotic stone o making contrast, comparison of material, flatness and roundness, … o ability to paint materials •Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci, Baptism of Christ o Leonardo does a lot of comparison of painting and sculpture o this painting passed through a lot of people's hands o what sticks out in the painting is Leonardo's contribution to the painting --> repainted the surface of the body of Christ --> hard linear style against soft o Leonardo's angel one the left •the student surpasses the master --> Verrocchio (Leonardo's teacher) also says it was very good, better than his, he could never pass that o translation into imitation in art --> how different colors together react, cast of shadows, and the way light works on different materials --> pearls and black beads along collar --> the effects of lights and shadows o smooth transition --> no hard lines, don't see that in nature either --> Leonardo was able to make those transitions in color and make the angel look life-like • Portrait of Ginevra --> comparison painting and sculpture o many resemblance between hair type and costume o painting partly damaged, water marks on right side, cut down o borrowing the gesture of the hands o back of painting also decorated --> meant to look like a luxury stone (has royal connotations for Roman royalty) --> juniper (center), palm, scroll says beauty adores virtue o idea of beauty (external) virtue (internal) --> Leonardo talks about how paintings?? fail at talking about describing inner beauty --> combine two worlds, two modes of being --> painting is not just beauty, also trying to capture a person, personality, the mind behind the face, motion of the mind o Juniper bush behind the lady o Painting has color (sculpture doesn't), able to give more life-likeness --> sculpture is lacking in life-likeness --> painting can also use background, natural elements --> can add more naturalness to the image • Ghirlandaio --> portrait is very formal, statuesque presence --> juxtaposition of beautiful face playing off painting's ability to incorporate color --> include literature, hair like spun gold --> hair and clothes with gold color, pearly white skin, she is also wearing pearls o tries to communicate relationship between inner and outer beauty through a piece of paper in painting --> written by poet (slide) --> talking about what art can't do, saying painting at the end need to rely on poetry to give it the flavor --> interdependence between the two o different from Leonardo, that tries to separate the two • Excerpt --> Leonardo o painting is better at represent the natural world than sculpture • Madonna of the Rocks --> foreground has stream, figures preached at its edge, plants all around, amazing background and rock formations o able to create with the use of light and shadow • Unfinished sketch of Adoration of the Magi --> has animal in background, ancient ruins o unusual approach to painting --> starts with light and shadows to pick out gestures and figures--> use of dark shadows and light highlights to unify the image o
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