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Jan. 13th notes Monday, January 13, 2014 3:13 PM Florence Cathedral and the Palazzo Vecchio •Sense of competition run through many different parts of society •Florence has a very long tradition with this kind of rivalry o Rivalry between difference cities --> Florence and Siena o Through the 12th and 13th century both cities were very prosperous from commerce and banking (tax based) --> put into improving the city •Florence Cathedral very big, sense of granduer they wanted to show off •Palazzo Veccchio --> town hall, to represent government ---> to show the cities' people and the rest of the world •Florence often seen as the center of the Renaissance --> money available for the buildings can from the Medieval time --> huge influence on the building landscape of the city Siena Cathedral, Palazzo Pubblico •Their representation to the rest of the world •Focused of the expansion of the cathedral, not much focus on the engineering •Florence won the rivalry due to the black death, Siena never really recovered --> Florence was slow to recover (Florence of the largest city in population in Europe at the time) o They thrived on banking and commerce --> but Siena didn't recover, no heirs Dominican church of Sanata Maria della Scala and the Spanish chapel •To show off their family through commissioning chapels to outdo other families o Where you can find another rivalry •Many families funding money to the chapels for its upkeep and beautification Baptistery (San Giovanm), Florence • guilds --> major guilds, cathedral was a way for them to show their prominence •In 1330 they commissioned sculptural door --> Andrea Pisano south door •The material used also spoke to the kind of money they had (expensive, difficult material used and had the best sculpture of his time) o Economic problems didn't allow the funds to create the other 2 fancy doors o Until 2 generation later (after the black death??) o At the same time a competition was called --> asked for entries in quatrefoil format with subject the sacrifice of Isaac --> related to faith in god, god gives him a son and to test is faith god said he has to sacrifice his son, last minute an angle appears and said he didn't really have to sacrifice him --> Florence governed by a body of representatives o City of Milan was ruled by one person, duke of Milan --> Florence didn't like that, one person's voice counted o Milan decided to conquer Florence, when he arrived he suddenly dies --> .Florence saw it as underdog overcoming, and faith in god --> Florence is a city favored by god, Florentine was faith of god --> Florence plays the role of the father of Isaac --> subject matter was fortuitous o Competition --> 7 entries, have lots of info on it from letters?? --> testing the ability to present a narrative in sculpture --> figurative challenge --> landscape, must have 2 Donkeys and servants --> o format, quatrefoil, Brunellesschi tries to fill the whole pockets of the quatrefoil, spacially he sees foreground, main action in middle ground and landscape in background o Lorenzo, allows empty space donkeys and servants… shows skill and spatial illusion o Both are taking from classical sculpture at the time --> the thorn puller o Beriti chooses to have Isaac in the classical model --> roman sarcophagi with heroic nude figures o Brunelleschi really shows the just last second, almost killing his son with angel grabbing his arm, very dramatic --> captures the scared little Isaac, twisted and frightened --> audience can relate to the role of Isaac, about to be killed, wiped out o Bereti is less dramatic, Isaac looks like he knows that the angel is coming, Isaac is looking heroic and strong, different dynamic in telling the story, with Florence looking more noble and sure waiting for destiny to happen o Aesthetic concerns --> use of bronze, Brunelleschi made different bronze and put together, bereti made from one piece --> was less expensive and lighter and Bereti also included that he had a technique to guild bronze, lasts longer o Ghiberti excerpt --> no doubt that he wins o Pitting one artist against another --> to get the most beautiful, beauty of/in art was taking a place in art North Doors, Ghiberti • Gothic style, classical figures/nudes, classical touches, in the background with the architecture • He includes architecture in his backgrounds East Doors, Ghiberti • Didn't hold competition, since north door was so good, they gave him this one • In new renaissance format • High relief --> figure come out at you and uses perspective Orsanmichele • Didn't start out as a church , was a warehouse and then changed into a church • The façade of the building faci
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