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University of Toronto St. George

Mar. 10th Notes Monday, March 10, 2014 6:11 PM Week 10 Prints, copyright and forgery in Cinqecento Italy Final exam April 10th 7-9pm MS 2158 Hardcopy of paper on last class and •Exam on things after reading week •Prints as new way to disseminate artwork •Can also be a collaborative effort with artists •Issue of intellectual property, with financial issue as well (not getting $$) o Ownership, income •A new consumer class --> text with images --> replicating mechanically •Only certain classes who could afford good books, good quality o Other printers make cheaper copies •Also copies artworks --> can also further your reputation, extending influence and knowledge •Prints themselves became a new vehicle for invention Albrecht, Duerer, Self-Portrait, 1500 •Shows how he sees himself as an artist and intellectual •Artists working to underscore intellectual o Ideas behind artistic work --> not just manual ability, also need to have intellectual content, intellectual pursuit •A self0portrait --> similar to image of Jesus Christ, Icon of Christ, 6th century, Monastery of St. Catherine Sinai o Borrowing from image of authority • His clothing also important --> shows he has social standing, fur line, not cheap, cuts in sleeve o Mode of highly refined gentleman o Wavy fine locks in hair o Middle left --> his signature with date --> work is signed o Other side has inscription, in German --> identifies himself as German, says he painted this himself for life, at age 28 --> portrait is very life-likeness o Dark background like Leonardo, emerging from dark o Faithful life-like image of himself he can render --> same as the image of holy figures, faithful image of what they look like at a certain time o Both text and image o Definitive moment in his life o Gesture of hand pointing to himself --> tied to what the inscription says --> also showing the hand as the creator, as the ultimate creator --> the artist as a divine creator, a gift from god, that talent is what allows him to create things so life-like (all powerful hand also shown in the creation of man in Sistine chapel, god reaching out with hand) o A powerful image that speaks of a new status for artist and the power of an artist Duerer, From the Life of the Virgin • It was through the medium of print-making that increased him popularity outside Germany • Made series of images of the Apocalypse, well-known for, sealed his rep. as printmaker • Scene from the Life of a Virgin • 1506, run into trouble with Marcantonio Raimondi, captured by the commercial success of Duerer's work o First time to see this copyright infringement and forgery of works of art • Duerer's is woodcut, Raimondi done through engraving • Duerer is able to achieve a lot of degree with fine lines --> need compact type of wood (if you go against the grain, its creates splinter) --> so a high technological achievement with Duerer's wood cut • Raimondi's copy is very good, lots of learn from in the original prints, but he copied it exactly, people have hard time distinguishing them --> Duerer was in Venice meeting other artists to learn from them, where Raimondi first saw it?? • Duerer brought the issue to government, solution given was as long as the signature was not included, they can copy it • Theft of intellectual property The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian • Plate prepared for the printing, not a lot of detail, fine grain, blank areas craved down, leaving raised outlines, very graphic and linear this mode is --> created in the reverse, raised area covered in ink, results are mirrored image • Engraving is opposite --> make incisions on metal and apply ink in groves, then place paper on top of it • Dulling the edges of woodcut with the more you print • Copper has even less life span than the wood cut, copper is very soft Duerer, Joachim and Anne meeting at the Golden Gate, 1505, Raimondi, Joachim and Anne meeting at the Golden gate • Only thing Raimondi changes is the details of the framework --> too much work to add, the most important part is the central scene --> chooses to focus on a single scene Duerer's letter to Willibald • Expresses how he feels like an outsiders • Impressed by possible patrons and their interest and knowledge on these things • Also about how cut-throat people can be in printmaking (Raimondi's copies) • Says there is only one person in Venice that treats him like a painter, Giovanni Bellini, buddies with him Duerer, Feast of the Rose Garlands • Needed to have connections (hometown) to land this commission
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