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University of Toronto St. George

Mar.24 Notes Monday, March 24, 2014 6:10 PM Images at the end, not part of page count Looking at Florence •Botechelli's themes of envy and slander --> Medici at the time were rulers of Florence o Pietro the second?? Got exiled because of dealings with the French o His successor created an environment of betrayal (allowing people to report on each other) --> alter burned to death with his followers o turmoil and social unrest after he left •Republic recovering, commission art works •Pope the Sistus the fifteen?? Succeed by Pope Leo the tenth, a Medici --> opens the door for Medici to reassert their power in the city of Florence o Leo purchased military to forcefully take over Florence, passing of Florentine republic, now part of papal state o Reinstate their power over Florence --> sacking of Rome, they lost power again o Given title of Duchy (Dukes in the city of Florence) to the Medici family (no longer a republic) o 1569 became capital of a grand duchy •Duke Cosumo I later take over after Duke Alessandro de Medici (assassinated) •Lots of artists still reminisce the republic Florence --> Michelangelo got many commissions with Medici --> torn between allegiance (Medici that gave him his beginning and the family that destroyed the city he loved) •Commissions came from different bodies --> in Duchy Florence, most commissions came from Medici Baccio Bandinelli, an artist that really benefited from this political change •Was accused of destroying large cartoon (in prev. lecture) done by Michelangelo •He wanted to be seen as successor as Michelangelo (still alive), wanted to surpass Michelangelo --> so fellow artists saw him as malicious Bandinelli, St. Peter, 1515 •Medici were nice to him, pitting artist against one another to get the best out of them •Was originally given to Michelangelo, was to go around the drum of the cathedral o Michelangelo only started one figure, but left to paint Sistine chapel •Medici gave it to Bandinelli --> he wanted to surpass Michelangelo •Borrowed pose to St, Mark with very little modification o His calling piece, wanted to be seen as surpassing Michelangelo --> but many people didn't see it like that •Many of his work were criticized as just copying, not enough of his own work o Not learning the core lesson and reapplying, just copying •Also criticized as having bulking necks and large arts Fresco commemorating the entry of Leo X •Detail of the setting --> the main hall of government to announce the return of Medici o Figure in front of the town hall, the status of David in the smoke area o Added figure of in arch was made to be paired with David, a figure of Hercules --> an older mascot than David as figure of justice o Showing phases of Florence, and justice --> Medici coming back with new political strength and readopted Florentine history to their benefit •Some people were not happy with Medici reforming Florentine history •Criticized for his advertising his work and saying he will surpass Michelangelo --> but he falls short •Frustrating for Michelangelo, not a good artist, but does well with the Medici Bandinelli, Orpheus .. •Made in dialogue with another landmark work •Has a softness and sensuality --> was to replace Donatello's David o David was a figure that protect the city o Displayed in the courtyard of their palace to show their power in the city o When they fell, new government took it down and replace it with new location and caption o Returning Medici commissioned a new piece, Orpheus Laocoon, 1st century •Sent to Rome to make a copy of Laoccon group --> an honor to being able to make a replica to one of the greatest piece from antiquity o One reason it was thought to be amazing because it was made from one piece of marble o Later excavation (Michelangelo was there during it) showed it was made from 5 pieces o A relief for Bandinelli, or else he would have to replicate it in one marble piece •Medici kept with the marble copy, other copies given to other important people) sealed his reputation as a sculptor •Signed his work very prominently at the base (translation on slide) --> "was making this" was a challenge to Michelangelo's Pieta (he also signed his name across the sash of the virgin Mary --> Michelangelo, Florentine, was making this) --> where the unusual signature comes from (taken from antiquity, then Bandneilli borrowed from Michelangelo) o The idea of the process of making, still in the making --> making a witty joke, if this is the unfinished state, the final work would be even more amazing Bandinelli, Hercules and Cacus •Theme expanded from just standing figure of Hercules to more of a narrative --> defeating monster Cacus o One of his labors was to bring back a herd of cattle, Cacus steals half of his herd, Hercules finds him and gives justice by killing him --> toned down the violence in the original story (bashing in the head of Cacus) --> didn't want to associate violence with Medici •They are paired with David, on either side of the door way •Now he has to compete with Michelangelo in making a huge marble sculpture •David statue was started half a century either, the block was started by someone else, belonged to the cathedral, left outside in the element so was very delicate --> one wrong strike and you can have huge chunks of it coming off o A huge artistic feat he was able to pull off with the David •Had to make a Hercules with
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