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Mar. 31st Notes Monday, March 31, 2014 6:13 PM Same format as mid-term Only on the stuff in the second half Bandineelli's competitions with other artists for commissions Cellini really disliked Bandinelli Salt-celler, Cellini •Bandinelli did exactly what the patrons wanted •Not the same with Michelangelo and Cellini •Here Cellini always tried to make objects that showed his skills •Got dressed down by King of France about who has the last call in the creation of the art work Cellini, Perseus and Medusa •At the area outside the town hall, later housed the Dukes of Florence o Art works take a new politically charged meaning o This one is the first wave of Medici Dukal commissions •Cellini took this opportunity to showcase himself as a master of this material - bronze •Very dynamic and beautiful sculptures •Mastery of material and the human form •All have the theme of conquest, victorious over their foe (David, Hercules, and now Perseus) •Figura sforzata --> the forced figure --> the monster is under his feet, and he holds her head while standing over her victoriously o An extreme version of Michelangelo's David with the contrapsto, and his serpintine position --> a kind of like a spiraling figure (body turned away from the knee) o Medusa corpse is compressed and folded, showing the extreme?? •Taking the serptine figure to another level •Strap across his body with his signature -- >like Michelangelo's Pieta for his career defining piece --> saying this piece is his career defining piece •This one placed where Bandinelli's stucco Hercules was placed --> in a way he kind of replaced/surpassed Bandinelli •Holding the head like a trophy, but he looks down o Both david and hercules both looking at it o Strategic placement --> have two statues in stone, looking at his bronze --> his work turned them to stone (with the medusa head) --> another kind of victory Cellini, Bust of Cosimo I de Medici. 1545 •Art works for this patron influenced by politics and how to establish his Dukal ruler ship o Had to be careful in how he expressed the theme of victory and conquest • Patron pitting the artist against one another --> Cellini and Bandinelli had to each create a portrait bust o Made with different materials o Each of them had to show that they were masters of both materials (marble and bronze) •Cellini's bust gives a dominating look --> face, eyes gives a fierce stare down •Both using imperial armor --> using classical element of armor to convey power •Bandinelli's portrait makes him look a little younger, but not as fierce in the facial expression •Bandinelli's bust won, his remained in Florence o Cellini's bust sent far away to a new territory that was just incorporated •Cellini didn't catch what his political campaign/messgae/imagery was Giorgiio Vasari --> shown like an architect --> helped build the Uflizzi Museum •Wrote about the lives of artist •He set the artistic standards of the arts throughout Italy •Set the discourse on how we envision the dynamics of the Renaissance art Week 13 Novelty and plagiarism … Leading into the Baroque period starting with … Michelangelo Merisi or Caravaggio, boy with a basket of fruit •Transferred to Rome from Milan in 1592 •Created genera scenes of still lives (baskets, fruits) •See him making a distinct break with many traditions in painting --> use to have lots of elements that could be traced, or borrowed from elsewhere •What the idea of invention o The tracing of art back to influence from the past artist came to an end •Still life painting --> bring a realism with everyday things with an eroticized element o Developed a tradition of erotic painting, changing the female form to the male o Sharp figure with light and shadow •The competition between drawing and color --> both goes out the window here o Caravaggio painted right on the canvas from life --> skips the drawing the phase --> a new kind of artistic challenge --> demonstrating mastery of a material (oil painting) o A point of marvel for artists Boy bitten by lizard •More animated o Crystal face, and face of surprise as he was just bitten •Able to capture that kind of spontaneity convincingly directly on the canvas also very impressive Young Bacchus •More seductive painting •Undo robe while offering wine •Appealing to certain patrons, meant to be in a collection, in dialogue with other art works o Ex. With works to Titan Musicians. Caravaggio •Playing on audiory sensation --> figure playing the lute, signing Victorious Cupid •Displayed as a collector's item •An obscene painting --> young boy as cupid, cupid conquering everything o Compass and instrument laying at his feet --> all other things fall in the face of love --> that love is a state that sends us all crazy, love that overwhelms our sense completely • Pose of the boy and facial expression together all every proactive o Looks and laughs at viewer --> nothing as match/overcome the effects of love Caravaggio, Cardsharps • Rich, fine up standing boys playing cards • Using live models, and paint directly on the canvas • Scoundrels cheating at the card game --> boy at the front with extra cards stashed behind his belt, and his friend
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