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University of Toronto St. George

Conceptualism idea > execution conception > perception mental > optical claim is made VIA aesthetic, not claim IS the aesthetic action language N.E. THING COMPANY • Iain Baxter and his wife Ingrid Bagged Coasts, cover of Arts Canada • bagged form of Canada • commercialization • taken from BC slogan (Beautiful BC) in BC - tension between advertising beauty and resource industry Ideas taken from the US Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing #150 • actual work of how well the lines are drawn is not the point, the idea is • travels easily • sending instructions to galleries • borders not important anymore NETCO - business expo • had interest in business side of the world • idea of communication and exchanging information • IDEA = to become a company • ran their business out of their suburban house in Vancouver -as opposed to downtown -overlapped domestic and business NGC Installation • National Gallery of Art used to be in office building • their exhibit was to change it back into an office building ACT Art • official certificate to claim things as ʻartʼ or ʻactʼ ART = Aesthetically Rejected Thing ACT = Aesthetically Claimed Thing • Iain and his family would go around Vancouver and claim things as art Fallen Logs / 3 Orange Columns • claim is written on photograph VSI - Visual Sensitivity Information • NETCO said to do away with the word/concept of art, and use VSI NETCO - Information Catalogue • boring info on where and when photos were taken • Iain with a telex machine - new technology -using his MIND rather than MATERIALS (importance of idea over execution) *LIKE* Jeff Wall - Landscape Manual • very dull photos of landscapes he took out of his truck -the point is anyone can do it • mirror is his reference point • wrote stories about what he saw and imagined • Wall is CLAIMING these landscapes *IN THE US:* Edward Ruscha - Every Building on the Sunset Strip • photos of every single building • also did Gas Stations NETCO - 1/4 Mile Landscape, PEI • put 2 signs saying when to start and stop viewing the landscape • they CLAIM this 1/4 mile to themselves • landscape genre is construction of our own minds - we are told when to turn on and off that point of view • viewing one point to another like on a canvas Iain Baxter& - TV Works • bunch of old TVs with landscapes painted on the screen • picture never moves - defeats purpose of a tv • do we get our idea of landscape from media? Iain Baxter$ - L&SCAPE • photographing the WORD rather than the thing CALLED landscape • language* • idea over execution* JACK CHAMBERS • was trained in traditional painting in Spain • later did perceptual realism 401 Towards London • saw the landscape in his mirror and took photo of it • painted the landscape, made it look realistic but changed little things to make it his own PERCEPTUAL REALISM - the intention to imitate experience by art-craft • not trying to reproduce a copy wants to give the possibility of experiencing what he felt • • the camera is just an extension of the eye -only uses it to get the exact colour description Lombardo Avenue • like photorealism, but always adds an extra dimension JACK BUSH • Toronto artist • same time as Chambers, but radically different • Painters 11 (like group of 7) -11 painters with different styles Green and Purple • abstract • very bright • strange position of colours • used acrylic wash **bush was constantly in the US** • influenced by American art critic Greenberg (discovered Jackson Pollock) • Greenberg: abstract painting should get away from expressiveness (splattering) and be more “post-painterly” = using a lot of paint • movement called Post-Painterly Abstraction Salmon Concerto • idea of music • he was amateur jazz musician • improvisation • coloured notes moving in rhythm **influenced by Morris Louis - Bellatrix JEAN-PAUL RIOPELLE • abstract painter • best Canadian artist known outside of Canada A Claire-Voie • heavy palette knife work • action and texture - more expressive • action compressed into center -frame around the outside -center is most dense Iceberg Series • he went to somewhere in the arctic and saw icebergs • inspired him to make a series of black and white expressive paintings • inspired by landscape and light and shade JOANNE TODD • parody of abstract painting / colour field painting (BUSH) Reds on Green • edges of rectangles line up, like they would in abstract painting Red Chinese • freedom to work in traditional medium but not painting abstract • hers is FIGURATIVE relationship of colours (rather than LITERAL) NETCO - Bagged Rothko • preserved, marketed • full scale ʻenvironmentsʼ in bags plastic bags that look like Rothko paintings • • you can touch it, but you canʼt touch a real Rothko • bag protects it PLASTIC - everywhere post WW2 commercialism of the time NETCO did an entire exhibit where they put everything into bags (Bagged Place) The Great Wall of 1984 • piled boxes of plexiglass, asked people from around the country to send in objects to fill them GENERAL IDEA - 80s • 3 guys who changed their names and formed General idea -double shift away from originality • they wanted to be poodles -poodles were too perfect, primped too much -they thought artists should be adored like poodles Leather and Denim Copyright • copyright sign was not copyrighted • commercialism AIDS Stamps • copy of Robert Indiana - LOVE • meant to be CIRCULATED • by late 80s, thousands of people were dying of AIDS • 2 members of GI were also diagnosed, and died • PERSONAL and CULTURAL >> MAIL ART • idea of circulation through image and language • sending postcards with messages and images on it to people FILE MAGAZINE • circulated mail art • gave listings of mail art people and what they wanted to receive Infected Rietveld • infected the famous Rietveld chair with GREEN • Destijl artists hated green because it = growth and not being controlled • MONDRIAN hated green • Green = infection Infections exhibit • fake, infected Mondrians on the walls • infected chair in the corner • AIDS wallpaper • last collective exhibit before 2 of them died XXX Bleu • copy of Yves Klein - Anthropometry works in 60s -where he painted canvases with naked women in his copyrighted hue of blue • GI did the same thing with poodles 3 exes in their own hue of blue • xxx = sex, censorship BRIAN JUNGEN Shapeshifter(2000) • plastic chairs made to look like whale skeleton • he traces his ancestry to first nations • ready made materials of consumer culture to refer to first nations assertion of traditional rights • notions of spiritual • dualism of First Nations ceremonial life and natural history museum exhibits Prototypes of New Understanding (1999) • cut up Nike shoes to look like traditional masks • Leather sofas turned into teepees • golf bags into totem poles 7. Kass Banning wrote in 1987, “Through parody (which not infrequently can slip into bawdy humour), whatever medium she uses - whether lithographs, film, oils, plastic assemblages or fabric collages – Wieland decodes the fixed consignation of sameness and thus points to the inherent contradictions underlying our engraved national consciousness. Her works never comprise simple celebrations of identity.” (“The Mummification of Mummy…” emphases added).   Considering this assertion carefully and using examples of Wielandʼs work in several media, characterize and discuss the relationship that she establishes between personal “identity” and “national consciousness.” • she sees Canada as female, like herself • she is focused on FEMINIST nationalism • contradicts Canadian identity rather than celebrate it • mother of Canadian avant-garde • overtly humorous and often sexual and political subject matter • visual and political culture in 60s-70s • her subject matter is concerned with -NATIONAL SYMBOLS
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