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Astronomy & Astrophysics
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Michael Reid

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Astronomy Midterm 2 The Nature of Light - light interaction - light in astronomy - features of light - “two slight” experiment - photo electric effect - wave and particle - wave lengths - frequencies - infrared - ultraviolet - the electromagnetic spectrum - light energy - thermal radiation - earth’s atmosphere and its influence on light Spectra - hot surface releases light - line spectra - energy level of hydrogen atom - emission of light by a hydrogen atom - continuous spectrum - emission line spectrum - absorption line spectra - temperature and heat: thermal energy - phases of matter - the doppler effect - the doppler shift in astronomy 
 Solar System - the inner solar system - the outer solar system - terrestrial planets and their characteristics - jovian planets and their characteristics - mercury - venus - earth - mars - asteroid belt - jupiter - saturn - uranus and neptune - uranus’ rotation and seasons - trans-neptunian objects - the kuiper belt - the oort cloud The Formation of the Solar System - rocky planets vs. gasey/icy planets - planets orbit - interstellar medium - molecular clouds i.e orion nebula - molecular cloud collapses and conservation of angular momentum - protoplanetary disks - heavy mat
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