Notes on the sun + planets

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Stefan Mochnacki

Escape speed does not depend on direction Orbits are a kind of free fallfalling We have seasons because of earths tilt towards the sun thus receiving more direct sunlight: so july is warm because the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun receiving more direct sunlight and longer days Distance of earth from sun does not really change, does not affect seasons Mars also has seasons, Neptune We see phases of the moon because of its elliptical orbit around earth We see one side of moon because of synchronous rotation, rotates once with each orbit Two conditions for an eclipse: 1) must be full moon for lunar eclipse and new moon for solar eclipse 2) the moon must be at the point in its orbit where it crosses the ecliptic plane and its NODES , cant be below or above = no eclipse, eclipses occur during the eclipse seasons 2 each year Annual
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