AST101H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Shepherd Moons, Shepherd Moon, Rings Of Saturn

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AST101H1 Full Course Notes
AST101H1 Full Course Notes
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Rotation of uranus is tipped on it"s side, compared to the plane of the ecliptic. Evidence that uranus suffer a signi cant collision in the early solar systems. The weight of everything above compresses lower levels in a planet. With enough pressure, hydrogen can turn gas into a metal. Jupiter"s core is about 10x mass of the earth. Because of extreme pressure, jupiter"s core is compressed to about size of the earth. Saturn is 3. 3x less massive than jupiter, so the lower levels are compressed less, so it ends up being nearly the same size. Diameter of rings is 260,000 km but less than 0. 1km thick. Mimas create the huygens gap via 2:1 resonance. Pan creates the encke gap in saturn"s ring. Moon orbiting between inner ring and outer ring. Moon orbit slower than inner ring particle. Pull ring particle and slow it down = inner particle falls inward. Moon orbit faster than outer ring particle.

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