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AST101H1 Full Course Notes
AST101H1 Full Course Notes
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Temperature of light = peak of continuum spectrum (blackbody curve) Density of light = continuum line vs. line spectrum. Composition of light = which emission/absorption line are present. Source of sound is moving towards = frequency/ Source of sound is moving away = frequency/ Source of light moving towards me = higher. Source of light moving away = lower frequency/ Effect = depends on how close the source speed is to speed of wave. But speed of light wave is very fast generally a small effect. The doppler effect for light: spectra: at rest, emission/absorption line are at wavelength we expect, line shift to longer wavelength ( redshift ) . Moving away from us: line shift even further to the right moving away from us faster, line shift to shorter wavelength ( blueshift ) moving towards us, line shift further to the left moving towards us faster. Doppler shift only tell us object speed directed towards/away from us.

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