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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

Material covered for Term Test The material covered in Term Test 2 will include everything from the lecture on Oct. 5 (tides) up to and including the lecture on Nov. 4. Note that we are about 1 lecture behind, so that means that Asteroids and Comets in detail are not covered, though the general features of the entire Solar System as discussed in earlier lectures are. That means that Ch. 11 is included, but Ch. 12 is not. Note that the overview of the Solar System, as in the lecture of Oct. 19th, IS included (see Ch. 7 & 8). In the meantime, remember to focus your studying on the concepts covered in the lectures. Midterm 2 is cumulative, meaning that it may draw on concepts taught before midterm 1. However, the focus is definitely on material learned since the cut-off prior to the last midterm. Here are some of the key concepts we've covered since then: * tides * precession * the nature of light * the electromagnetic spectrum * the absorption of light by the atmosphere * the powers of telesco
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