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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

November 28, 2013 nd AST101 – Lecture 21 (22 class) o the Kepler spacecraft was built to use the transit method to find exoplanets (2009-2012) o Kepler-11 planets (solar system outside of ours) all fit inside Venus’ orbit  Kepler-11’s Sun is similar to ours o exoplanet composition  hard to find out because we can’t actually see them!  we see the star and planet light TOGETHER and the starlight when the planet is behind the star, so it’s just a matter of subtraction o studying the light curve can also help with figuring out exoplanet temperatures  finding out the distribution of heat  once we know temp., we can find out if the planets support life o radial velocity method aka Doppler aka wobble st  Kepler’s 1 law is a little wrong (remember it said planets orbit stars in ellipses with the star at one focus point) 
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