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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

8 October 2013 AST101 – Lecture 9 o the Sun is approximately 10x the diameter of Jupiter, Jupiter is 10x the diameter of Earth o sun spots = same size as Earth o hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe o Sun is made of ionized hydrogen gas (PLASMA) – electrons have been torn away from the protons (THAT IS IT. It is just a cloud of gas) o plasma has mass (so it does produce gravity) o Sun’s gravity doesn’t crush itself because the plasma is hot and the particles’ motions don’t allow them to squeeze together o inside the Sun  core  where energy is made  produces lots of heat (+ pressure)  mass is pulling toward centre  balance between gravity trying to crush and pressure trying to expand (hydrostatic equilibrium/hydrostatic balance)  light is produced at the core (and takes 1000s of years to work its way to the surface)  corona  approx. 1 000 000 K (but we see right through it b/c it’s basically transparent)  only see it during solar eclipses (pho
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