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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Clifford Orwin

Chapter Learning Goals Chapter 1 - What is our place in the Universe? o Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Local Supercluster, Universe - How did we come to be? o At the big bang, He and H were created. They eventually formed heavier elements which compose the planets, and all the living 47J,3L828439KL85O,309 :0,70,OO2,04189,789:11ZKL.KL8 constantly recycled through the death and birth of stars (on a large scale) or through the decomposition, and reformation of organisms on the planet (on a microcosmic scale) - How can we know what the Universe was like in the past? o By looking at distant stars, we can see how the universe was like in the past as the light takes a long amount of time to reach our eyes. Further we look into the universe, the farther we look back in time, up to 13.7 Billion years (the age of the universe) - Can we see the entire universe? o No, we can only see up to 13.7 billion light years away as that is the age of the universe. Any further, and the universe does not exist, at least not to our perception - How big is Earth compared to our solar system? o Really damn small - How far away are the stars? o Minimum 4 light years (not including the sun), most are much farther away - How big is the Milky Way Galaxy? o Huge; 100 billion stars - How big is the Universe? o 13.7 Billion light years in size - How do our lifetimes compare to the age of the universe? o If the lifespan of the universe was one year, our existence would be about a fraction of a second - How is Earth moving in our solar system? o It revolves around the sun, and revolves on its own axis. - How does our Solar System move in the galaxy? o Really fast, but it takes 230 million years for us to orbit it - How do galaxies move? o Galaxies are moving away from us at random patterns - Are we ever sitting still? o No, never - How has Astronomy changed human history? o It has changed our beliefs of creation, divinity, and life as we know it. Examples ; Earth-039070:3L;0780.0O089L,O85K070
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