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Astronomy & Astrophysics

AST201H1FSummer2010AST201 Stars and Galaxies Review QuestionsThe following are what I consider the most important concepts and questions in this course Note that these are by no means complete and exhaustive The final exam may contain questions not listed hereIntroduction to Astronomy What are the relative distances and relative sizes of celestial objectsWhat is an AU and a lyWhat are the motions that the Earth is involved inWhat is the scientific methodWhat are hypotheses observations facts laws models and theoryWhat is the difference between Astronomy and Astrology Why do scientists generally not consider Astrology a science Law of Gravitation and Temperature What is the relationship between mass distance and the force of gravityIf the earth exert a force of 500 N on you ie your weight what is the force you exert on the earthIf the earth had twice the mass it does now how will it affect the force it pulls on you If you were twice as far away from the centre of the earth as you are now how will it affect the force it pulls on youThe earth exerts a force on an artificial satellite why doesnt the satellite fall to the earths surfaceWhy do scientists use the Kelvin scale instead of the Celsius or Fahrenheit scaleIf an object is 25C what is its temperature in KLight and Matter Is light a wave or a particle What is a photonWhat are the different types of electromagnetic radiation How are they different from each other What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency What is the relationship between the wavelength of EM wave and the energy of photonsWhat is the Bohrs Model of the hydrogen atomWhat distinguishes one type of atom from another typeWhat are the three phases of matterWhat happen to the atoms and molecules during phase changeWhat is an ion Interaction between Light and Matter How does it mean when we say an atom is in an excited stateWhat happens after when an atom become excitedHow is the wavelength of light being absorbed or being emitted determinedPage1of1
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