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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

As requested, here is a list of the main topics we have covered since the second midterm. Im sorry I wasnt able to get this to you earlier. You should still be able to use it to ensure you fill in any holes in your studying thus far. * The types of galaxies: spiral, elliptical, and irregular * The organization of galaxies into clusters and superclusters, Tully-Fisher * The cosmic distance ladder * Methods for measuring distances in space: parallax, supernovae, variable stars * Hubbles Law * The expansion of space * The cosmological principle * Cosmological redshifts * Galaxy evolution * How we observe galaxy evolution * Galaxy formation * How the different types of galaxies formed * Galaxy mergers * Quasars * Active galactic nuclei * Starburst galaxies * Supermassive black holes * The Galactic center * The Lyman alpha forest * Dark matter and dark energy; the evidence for the
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