Midterm 2 Review Questions with Answers

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Stefan Mochnacki

02:52 MIDTERM 2 REVIEW QUESTIONS diameter: 100 000 lie and it has around 200 billion stars distance between central bulge and sun: 28 000 light years away (around 23 from the centre) Inverse square of light: closer= appears brighter -apparent brightness-tells us how much fusion is going on in the star -to calculate distance ^2 dimmer by that much 10AU= 100, 1AU= 1 so the solar panel at 10AU would receive 120 the energy compared to if it were at 1AU or its dimmer by 20watts per meter squared luminosity depends on temperature and radius in H-R diagram, most luminous are higher up brightest in relation to radius blue stars: higher luminosity types of binary star systems: spectroscopic (Doppler shifts), visual (telescopes) and eclipsing (eclipses and diff. in amount of light emitted) most commonly used is eclipsing because its useful in es
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