Midterm 2 Review Questions with Answers

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
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Stefan Mochnacki

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Earths orbit will remain the same and the sun will just be a black hole. The force of gravity depends on mass involved. The only way earth would get sucked in is if the gravitational force was changed (by the change in masses) but since the mass stays the same, the force of gravity also remains the same between earth and black hole. Death of the sun low-mass star -runs out of hydrogen to fuse in core (core= helium ash) so core cools and contracts, releasing energy (sub-giant branch) while the hydrogen-shell burning produces enough energy (rate of burning increases) to expand the outer layers lowering the surface temperature from yellow to red (red giant!) -suddenly helium will start to fuse (Helium flash) as its hotter and fusion will continue until helium in the core runs out leaving carbon ash (moves to the horizontal branch). Carbon cant produce much energy so it cools and contracts (the core) -electron degeneracy pressure, however, stops further contraction- law of physics -however, the helium-shell burning creates enough energy to blow outer layers off as planetary nebula, leaving a white dwarf White dwarf because it is a low mass star (<8Msun) and itll blow up a planetary nebula as well The Monster is in the centre of the galaxy- Milky Way. We cant see the centre (visible light is blocked by dust) but x-rays, radio and infrared c
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