AST210 Midterm #1

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Astronomy & Astrophysics

iamnurnberStudentAST 2I0 term test 1 13 2010 11 Oct AM Duration 45 minutes no aids allowedInstructionsquestions 1 Answer all22 multiple choice using the 1 point scantron sheet eachquestions 2 Ansrver both shortanswer together points22 questionsMultiple choice the alternative that question Choose best answers the or completes the statement1 The diameter the is of Sun about times the diameter the of Earthu 01b 5 10d 100 10002 Light from the nearest star other than the Sun takes about reach to Earthu 4 hoursb 4 days 4 monthsd years4 scientific theory3 A u could proven conceivably be proven false but could never be trueb proven could conceivably proven be true but could never be false neither proven could be true nor falsed proven could conceivably be true proven but also could conceivably be false4 Which of the following is NOT reason a to faror the Copernican model over the Ptolemaicmodelu The Copernican rnodel simpleris b The predicts model pianetary Copernican more positionsaccuratelyThe Copernican model allows to determine relative us distances in the Solar Systemd The pleasingCopernican model is aestheticaliy nore Which the of following 5 did Galileo with observe his telescopeu NIany stars not visible the to naked eyeb Sunspots
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