AST 251 Review (Midterm Ans.)

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Astronomy & Astrophysics

AST 251 REVIEWMIDTERM WINTER 201112If life is eventually found in the solar system it would most likely be in the form of microbesAstronomy has shown us that the fundamental laws of physics are the same everywhere in the universeThe Ptolemaic model has planets moving in small circles the centers of which move in a larger circle about the EarthStellar parallax is the apparent shift in position of nearby stars as the Earth moves around the SunWhat is the relationship between Newtons three laws and Keplers three laws o Newtons laws are general and apply to any motion while Keplers laws apply only to planetary motion in the solar systemTwo comets have identical masses However one comet is four times farther from the sun than the other According to Newtons Universal Law of Gravitation the force of gravity exerted by the Sun on the more distant planet is onesixteenth 116 the size of the force exerted on the closer cometWhich of the following places the structures on our own part of the universe in order of increasing smallest to largest scale o Solar System Milky Way Galaxy Local Group Local SuperclusterIf we were to detect a signal from an a
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