BIO120H1 Study Guide - Selective Breeding, Population Genetics, Zygosity

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21 Dec 2012
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BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
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Bio120h lisa zhao 2011 | page 1 chapter 6: evolution and adaptation. The phenotype is the outward expr ession o f an i ndividual"s. Ggeennoottyyppee: the genetic characteristics that determine the structure and functioning of an organism. Pphheennoottyyppee: the physical expression of an organism"s genotype in its structure and function; the outward appearance and behaviour of the organism. Aalllleellee: one of several alternative forms of a gene. Hheetteerroozzyyggoouuss: containing two different alleles of a gene. Hhoommoozzyyggoouuss: containing two identical alleles of a gene. Ddoommiinnaanntt: an allele that masks the expression of another (recessive) allele of the same gene. Rreecceessssiivvee: referring to an allele whose expression is masked by an alternative (dominant) allele of the same gene. Mmuuttaattiioonn: any change in the genotype of an organism occurring at the gene, chromosome, or genome level; usually applied to changes in the sequence of the nucleotides of dna. The genetic basis of continuously varying phenotypic traits.

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