BIO120H1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Phenotypic Plasticity, Phenotypic Trait, Phenotype

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BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
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Lab quiz #1 notes (chapter 2, appendix a) Background information: phenotype the outward appearance or observable manifestation of a specific genotype, composed of its morphology, behavior and physiology, variation in phenotype results from, variation among genotypes, environment. If environment sensed incorrectly = maladapted phenotype: limitation #2: time difference between sensing environmental change and alteration of phenotype, greater the phenotypic change, longer the time lag. If same expression for phenotypic trait in population, trait will have same effect for population"s chance of surviving/reproducing. If expression in phenotypic trait varies, fitness (surviving/reproducing) will vary: phenotypic variation itself not heritable (diff phenotypes from same genotype, however, ability for genotype for produce more than one phenotype is heritable. Individuals that can produce more than one phenotype is more likely to acclimate than an individual that expresses one. Jagged ambush bugs rub their rostrum against sternum: both males and females stridulate, males stridulate as courtship behaviour and to warn rivals, females stridulate when disturbed.