BIO120H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Standard Deviation, Genetic Diversity, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

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11 Apr 2021

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Department ofEcology and Evolutionary Biology
Faculty ofArts and Science
(. 10 ---
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Duration - io miiites
No Aids Allorved
Important hfomation!
1. You must wdte your name ard your student number and the two-digit te,st code (22)
on the computer answer sheet and mark the corrrspoading boxes with a soft pencil.
2. The test consists of 30 questions on 6 pages.
3. There is only one corect answer per question.
4. No rnarks will be deduct€d for incorrect answers.
- 5. Only answers on the computer sheet will be graded.
CopyrightO20l3 BIOl20, University ofToronto (22)
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Questions 1 to 12 (Professor Tho son):
fD Gtacier lilies in Colorado mountajn meadowsdqnal-1trgdrec-€lnjososes, although closely related lilies in olher
" parts ofthe world do producerhem. what hypothes is for thei. absence was offered in lecture?
X Lost through random mutation with no adaptive significance
d Lost through selection for reduced migralion V .
c. Lost throu;h selection to reduce herbivory by antx
1d] Lost through selection to reduce herbivory by rodents
2. Which ofthe following classes ofplant-p.oduced chemicals would NOT be classified as mostly containing
secondam camoounds?
\ a.) lerpenes
I 5 attatoias
'' c. Phenolics
d. Chlorophylls
3. Wha[ scEnlj&-app]dach does Prof. Thomson consider most valuable for understanding how fulctional {ood-
zglr influ;ce the species composition of ecological communities?
@,) Exper imentally rcmoving species
b. Determining ihe species richness
c. Conducting indircct Sradient analysis
d. Determining the number offophic levels
4. Gleas} observed thar ifyou sample floodplain forests along the entire length offlle Mississippi River, you will
a complete turnover oftree species: lfone ofthe species found al the north end in Minnesota are found at
rhe south=end in Louisiana. Ofthe following ways ofcharacterizing the ature ofthis turnover, which would
Gleasofl be most likely to endorse?
a. Turnover would occur primarily at ecotones
b, Tumover would occul between closed communities
c, Turnover wouid reflect $adients ofbiotic factors
fal. I urnover would reflect gradieni5 ofabiotic lsctors
In the agricultufal willamette valley oforegon, which ofthe following problems is the most serious for the
Fender's Rl,,e hutterfly, as it has been modelad in SimBio/Ecobeaker?
@ lnability to find prairie host plants
* lnability to find mates at law density (Allee effect)
'c. Irterspecilic compelirion lor host planl'
t. lr.ecricide use by famers
Many flowering plants possess chc! iqalppttation against, but such chemical defenses arc
compamtively mre or weakly developed in gragses. Which ofthe following best explainslhe difference?
a,/Because grasslands are subject to frequent fires, grass plants seldom get Iarge enough to be attractive to
tfl ilrasses have evolved ahernative defenses that are slruclural, nol chemical
c.-. Crasses evolved in the time ofdinosaurs, and dinosaurs could not eat gmsses because their teeth were too
d. Grasses grow in prairies, where soils do not provide enough nitroge. for plants to make nitrogen-
containing alkaloids
Copyright @ 2013 BIo120, Univerciry ofToronto (22)
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