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BIO130H1 Final: Complete and Comprehensive 111 Page Final Exam Study Guide - Winter 2016Premium

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Kenneth Yip
Study Guide

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BIO130H1 – Molecular and Cell
Final Exam Study Guide
University of Toronto St. George – Winter

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BIO130 – Lecture 1 – Introduction
The BIO120 Teaching team
Prof Melody Neumann – January 11th to February 25th
Reading Week
Prof Ken Yip - February 29th to April 7th
Prof Ken Yip – evening section
Prof Melody Neumann – course and lab co-ordinator
The Rest of the BIO130 Team
Ms. Nyla Maharaj Cabrera
oESC 3053
Graduate student TAs
ofrom CSB
oall pursuing MSc and PhD degrees in CSB
Course Lab Technicians
oTatjana Vasic, Karen Xu, Cathy Guo and Jane Guo
Lecture Notes
Guided notes
oFill-ins of key points (provided in lectures)
You will need to add additional notes on your own, the lecture notes alone may
not suffice
Cell and Molecular Biology, 7th ed. Karp. 2013. John Wiley and Sons
Copies on reserve at Gerstein and Noranda Library
Clickers are not for marks
oit’s ok to share one between 2-3 people
ocan buy used from bookstore and then return for money back
encourage active learning in class
exploration of a wide range of topics
available at UofT Bookstore
Textbook Reading Quizzes
5 questions on Blackboard for each week’s readings
Objectives of quizzes are to help you:
oLearn course materials
oGauge depth required
oKeep up with lecture materials
First quiz (available now) is for practice
Course Website

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

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Blackboard site on Portal is main website
Course news
Lecture notes
Textbook reading quizzes
Lecture recordings
oNeumann will take and upload screen-capture recordings
ohowever, there is no guarantee that they will always be uploaded, since
things go wrong sometimes
Extra lab notes and textbook study questions (optional) will be available for
additional practice
Electronic discussion board
ouseful for when you want a quick answer
ostudents can sometimes answer faster
5 wet labs including a computer component
Lab topics:
oDNA isolation
oPCR and Bioinformatics
oRestriction Enzymes and Cloning
oMicrotubule dynamics
What you need for labs
You need a course manual ($12.80), safety goggles/glasses ($12), and a lab coat
30% laboratories and textbook readings
o14% lab work
o9% quizzes, best 3 of 4 quizzes (3% each)
o5% library assignment
o2% textbook reading quizzes
70% Exams
o30% midterm (March) covering Section 1 of lectures
o40% final exam (April) covering Section 2 lectures and all labs
No cumulative final!
When do labs start?
Lab section Pxx01x – cycle 1 – week of Jan 18th
Lab section Pxx02x – cycle 2 – week of Jan 25th
All labs start promptly at 10 min after the hour
No quiz in Lab 1!
oBut get started on the readings for labs 1 and 2, since they are the
heaviest of the lab readings.
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