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BCH210H © Lisa | Page 12 Lecture 31: Insulin  4kcal of NRG = 1g CHO  9kcal of NRG = 9g fat  loss of water through perspiration and process of glycogen breakdown  at of heat NRG released  when blood sugar rises and stop exercising, you go into anabolic phase  need to rebuild glycogen stores  but doesn’t start w something sweet bc don’t want a spike of sugar in blood  spike of glucose is associated w inflammatory responses  will result in spike of insulin released from pancreas  start by eating fat and protein  flaxseed – 18:3 – w3 FFA – healthy  body converts 18:3 to 25:5 which is a good anti-inflammatory bc …  scallions (colourful vegetables) have antioxidants  healthiest if body is in antioxidized/reduced state  smoking is oxidizing  fruits and veggies are great protectives  want to keep changes in blood sugar low  fats and protein in stomach will bank down absorption of sugars  butterfat have a lot of LDLs  coconut and palm oils are high in saturated fat  18:2 gives rise to 20:4 which is a pro-inflammatory FFA  high in mono unstaruates (1 double bond) can be converted into inflammatory molecules and are still fluid  canola, olive, avocado good for lowering LDL and good for HDL  flax has a lot of 18:3  but may be related to prostate cancer  salmon has EPA  as blood sugar is released and no more stress, no more glucagon and adrenaline released  now she is releasing insulin  insulin from beta cells  very powerful anabolic hormones  insulin is very strong  adrenaline, glucagon, cortisol, GH oppose it +  increase in glucose triggers ATP release which inhibits K channel  K channel responsible for K efflux to create positive charge gradient outside +  inhibition of K channel causes partial depolarization where there is loss of positive gradient  depolarization triggers
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