BCH210H1 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Serine, Protein, Mutation

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BCH210H1 Full Course Notes
BCH210H1 Full Course Notes
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Globin is colourless (the protein - 2 alpha subunits, 2 beta subunits) Valine hydrophobic on surface, sickle cell haemoglobins stack to try to cover exposed valine. Non-polar amino acids globular proteins (are hydrophobic) Nadh: reducing agent, part of atp + vitamin d3/nicotinamide/niacin + other sugar + phosphates. At night, body uses all glycogen, breaks down fatty acids by-product = ketone bodies (bad breath!) Sugars can have branches have highest information. Zwitterionic: neutral with (+) and (-) charges that balance and cancel. Alanine used in aa-change experiments to check for original aa"s effects. Tryptophan fluoresces due to ringed residue, more if folded, less if exposed to polar solution. Hydrophobic: f c a l i v m (f all of em . Hydrophilic: [r k] [e d] [h n k] (irked hunk)"". Mid-range: g w p y s t (great, we"re pissed basic acidic polar. Not fully buried, oh groups sticks out (interface), mid- range.

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