BCH210H1 Study Guide - Phosphatidic Acid, Cw Complex, Oleic Acid

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BCH210H1 Full Course Notes
BCH210H1 Full Course Notes
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Therefore, the phosphate group acts as a bridge between the backbone and the alcohol (through phosphodiester linkages). Common fatty acids (a) (b: space-filling models of (a) palmitate (c16, saturated) and (b) oleate (c18, unsaturated). The cis- double bond in oleate produces a kink in the hydrocarbon chain. Naming fatty acids: shorthand designation c x:y. Structure of bilayers stearate (saturated) oleate (unsaturated: van der waals interactions hold these fatty acid chains together, the longer the chain the more. Van der waals interactions and the more stable the structure. The kink due to the cis-double bond disrupts the van der waals interactions, and there is no good packing. Note: important for signaling as it has a (-) charge overall as a phospholipid. Cholesterol: origins: this sterol is present in. Most prokaryotes: the oxygen atom in its 3- Cholesterol: the facts: cholesterol is good for you (of course too much is bad!, looks very different, fused rings.

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