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TutorialJanuary 13 2012 Pure Bagpurines are big A and G Two ring structure 9 numbersPyrimidinessix numbers Red boxeswhere linkages arePractise drawing them for the examTautomers Same formula different placement of double bonds and protons Big challenge in determining DNA Enol formalcoholOH Keto formcarbonylhydrogen bonded to nitrogenNote number of bonds Carbon makes four bonds nitrogen makes three bonds oxygen two hydrogen oneLActam formketo form used for bonding Nucleosideno phosphate attachedjust nitrogenous base and pentosenaming ends in ineEx Adenine Nucleotidenucleosidephosphatecontaining nitrogenous base pentose and phosphatenaming ends in ate EX Adenylate Sguar in nucleotides is pentose ring Carbons are given primedistinguish Ribofuranose ring pucker Planar versionunfavourable Two versions of the ring puckero C2 prime endo Phosphates are frather aparto C3 prime endo Phosphates forced closer togetherIn DNA have proton that prefers ribose be in C2prime endo version Anti versus syn Antiless steric hindrance Pyridmidinesno syn conformationvery difficult to produce syn positiono Carbonyl clashes with the sugarso only anti conformation Purines can have both but anti is more favoured syn is rare Phosphodiester bonds and DNA backbone Bond between c 5 prime phosphate to the c three prime oxygen Entire DNA has net negative chargeo Because of phosphate having negative charge
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