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James Thomson

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Lecture 8 Notes: Metapopulations, Plant community composition Endangered Fender’s Blue Butterfly-caterpillar can eat only a rare plant species (Kincaid’s lupine) Life history-annual pulses of dispersal, mating and egg laying, followed by heavy larval mortality; females must find land with lupines Pika-little alpine rabbit; lives in piles of large rocks with crevices -Tailings piles from hard-rock mining create many small replicated patches of pika habitat -percentage of patches with pikas: North- high, stable, anchored by big reservoirs; Separately-source Middle- low, no reservoirs; extinction/renewal; Separately-sinkdepends on import from source South-marginal, in decline; Separately-sink -variable was % patch occupancy Model populations can go to extinction in many ways: 1. Strong density-dependence (overshoots & crashes) 2. Unstable competition (one species outcompetes the other) 3. Unstable predator-prey (disease-host) predators eats all of prey, starves, goes extinct 4. Allee effects at low density -But these tendencies are countered by nonequilibrial conditions (abiotic factors), habitat patchiness (animals can somehow find a patch, microhabitat, where
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