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June Larkin

April 18, 2014 watching the documentary Pink Ribbons - pink ribbon symbolizes solidarity, universality of woman and men hope, family many meanings to everyone - race for the cure marathon- -the clip starts there where woman are dressed in pink t shirts in Washington dc - Susan G. Komen Global Race For The Cure is the walking marathon - Barbara Ehrenreich writer and social critic who also survived breast cancer was talking about how it has become a culture. She became fascinated by this breast cancer culture than the science of it and saying what is going on with all these pink ribbons? - there is even a jump for the cause aerial pink force - where people would airplane jump - jump for the hope in Quebec Canada where they rode horses - and the run for the cure Susan - barbara found sisterhood - they supply the run and now we run for a cure , the fact of pink ribbon culture was to drain the militancy and where women were applaud to have a disease yet they did not know much about it - Barbara A. Brenner executive director breast cancer action San Francisco - she starts talking about how if people knew what was going on they would be angry - Dr Olufunmilayo olopADE director cancer risk clinic at university of Chicago- she said that women are getting breast cancer because they are women. What lifestyle and what makes it they get it or what the risk factor of getting it is being women. - in north America 59, 000 women die from breast cancer each year from breast cancer as the film states - President Ronald Reagan National Alliance of Business Conference Washington DC may 10 , 1981 - started talking about America’s generosity - - dr Samantha king author of pink ribbons Inc. breast cancer and the politics of philanthropy - she is saying that it was until regain came into power we saw policies and shift in private entities where we moved from government to philanthropy . - Fuz is one of the many companies that come to the run and hand out their products in pink colour and advertise - Companies deice that if they associate with cause that buyers care about than they will increase their sells- barbara brenner- - the film goes on to write that in north America 80% household buying decisions are made by women - and everywhere you go you buy products that are pink - it also notes that in 1940s a women's lifetime risk of breast cancer was one in 22. in 2011 it is 1 in 8. - in alfred hichcoks film a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and back than they only had two means of curing cancer where in the film the doctor says either removing your breast or radiation. - Dr. Susan love , MD states that she stopped operating in 1998 and she did it for 20 years and says that we have not made any progress since we were doing the same things like surgery radiation and chemo therapy known as slash/burn and poison which are horrible ways of dealing with the decease - this is what you do when you do not understand it and says that she needs more research to figure it out in order to stop it - evelyn h lauder vice president , ester lauder companies - she says this year 200 monument will be lit for breast cancer and pink ribbon which will remind everyone to their breast health and they said connect communicate and conquer as their motto - niagara falls ontario makes their falls pink water - Parliament hill in Ottawa Laureen Harper ester lauder pink ambassador made a speech - she was saying its great to aware to get mammograms to save lives and made the building pink and choir student began to sing - dr charlene elliott associate professor says that what is lighting up Niagara falls for 24hr doe for a change? - Awareness is different than doing something about it, i mean we know of it but we think it is the other woman that will get it , and they says that women who get mammograms think they won't get breast cancer so it is saying that we are giving out the wrong answer when it really is early detection where it only works for some people and they get treated early and survive but then other women get early detection and its more rigorous and they cannot treat it since they do not have the technology for that type of breast cancer so message is that early detection works differently for different cases and not the same - breast cancer support group in Texas and a member of this support group has been diagnosed with stage 4, stage 2, and these women say they did all the right things so that it never comes back but in 2004 she was diagnosed in stage 4 which means that the cancer has come out of the breast area and stage 4 is the end and that means death - Avon walk for breast cancer San Francisco - a support group member says that she wants people to see women, lives, who are hurting and living with stage 4 and not just the pink ribbon - Susan says that they have donated millions to scientists for the research and try understanding what is going on in the work - the Avon is now a foundation for charity which is independent and raises money through Avon walk and pink ribbon products like a pin - carole cone says that there is a sisterhood that has been made from breast cancer like avon and the companies have said this is the cause and this is something i want to form a relationship with - in NYC Revlon run walk for money - they are walking to helping women to help themselves - Cancer industry san Francisco in October 1996 where they were rallying called toxic links coalition- the founding member says that every October they hold a industry tour and visit industries that are the worst contributors to toxic pollution - - if we look past history through anti colonial and feminist moments people have seen that mainstream organizations have sealed the disease and if they don't do that they feel they will alienate potential consumers - a company like Avon need to get tied to a cause and they do it with genuine authenticity like Yoplait where they take the top off the Yoplait and send it to the company and every top you mail to them they will give 10 cents - who's really cleaning up? is the company spending more on its "clean for the cure" ads than it's donating for the cause? or is the company exploiting breast cancer to boost profits? This is given by a movement call think before you pink - in 2002 there is a saying that fighting for breast cancer every dollar counts but when you read the American express card you see that between this date you buy this only pennies count and they exposed this and stopped - NFL many players linked to crime, and violence off football field expands - the NFL was having a crisis of going against the law their players and seen that viewers were more women so they made a way to expand their female audience and players wearing pink equipment’s - it affects middle class white women and operations do this because they are sending it to a certain demography to make this image - you find the passion behind the mustang and the passion behind the cause of breast cancer and you have a product like Ford cars - they want to make a connection and they decided that there is a need for symbolism to represent the journey they go through and came with 12 warriors - a woman who went into chemo therapy said she hated the language fighting and really coming to the sessions is that a battle? or if you are strong you can beat it but that message is wrong because there are people who die and shows that those people have not tried hard enough to beat it which is so wrong and makes it to be a put down for women who do not "survive" - Support group member says that the messages are wring because there is a glance between hope and energy in going to these treatments and understanding that it does not all work and that it is not a failure because you can
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