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study guide/notes for why evolution is true

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University of Toronto St. George
Jean Jiang Nash

WHY EVOLUTION IS TRUE? Chapter 1 notes: evolution erodes our sense of self, and our morality two ideas that completely rejected god: natural selection and evolution parts of the evolutionary theory: 1. evolution- organisms undergo genetic change overtime depending on pressures 2. gradualism- it takes many generations to produce a substancial change 3. speciation(or splitting)- species split from a common ancestor. The common ancestor bw descendant groups is called the missing link - the groups that split can no longer interbreed (unattractive mates, or sterile offspring etc) - speciation does not happen very often, but when it does, the number of opportunities for future speciation are doubled! 4. Common ancestory- flip side of speciation, means we have a common ancestor - mammals and reptiles are joined by having an amniotic egg nested hieracy -plants and animals fell under natural classification -if speciation is true, then common ancestry is true 5. Natural Selection- survival of the fittest - wooly mammoth got coolderthose with think hair genes survived, passed on genes. - mutations sometimes lead to the perfect design (rhinos with antlers) - however brand new features are not made. And so compromises must be made. - Male testes would be better if outside he body, but they are not, they have evolved form fish-like testes. Why would intelligent design make us go through this pain? 6. Processes other than natural selection can cause evolutionary change- such as random changes in genes. (genetic drift) theory of evolution is not just that it happened, but how and why it happens. Also, it is testable and can make verifable predictions. Another theory: continental drift caused by plate tecto niound fossils! Theory of evolution can be supported by evolutionary predictions:
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