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James Thomson

Organism Demonstrates How? Wandering ablatross Adapted to Roaring 40’s Able to fly long distance, flies with wind Largest wingspan 3.5 m Pronghorn Limited by habitat Broad geo range, narrow eco range (stays in grasslands) Unique to N America Warbler Limited by cognition Yellow-rumped – extreme habitat generalist Kirtland’s – extreme habitat specialist Similar, but very different habitats Saguara/gila Limited by dependence on Gila woodpecker – doesn’t use the same hole woodpecker/cactus organisms twice wren/ elf owl Tiger Unlimited, versatile Broad habitat & geo range Coyote Unlimited, versatile Broad habitat & geo range (super generalist) Expanded range in decades, adapted to living with humans Chrysopelea (gliding MAX SA:V (Bergmann’s rule) All SA, equilibrates quickly snake) Restricted to warm tropics (Borneo) Pika (alpine tundra MIN SA:V (Bergmann’s rule) Spherical shape, reduced ears rabbit) Restricted to cold habitats (high mountains) Makes hay in summer, eats it in winter Lepus articulus Small appendages (Allen’s Rule) Ears close to body, retains heat Lepus californicus Large appendages (Allen’s Rule) Keeps cool in desert (vascularisation, blood Turbulence vessels exposed to cooling) Mustela erminea HIGH SA:V (Bergmann’s Rule) Long thin, loses heat fast (fitness cost), stays in (weasel) Trade off warmer climates (N America) Small body allows better hunting (prey = thomomys talpoides) (fitness gain) Kangaroo rat Trade off @ Sonoran desert Extreme water stress Bipedal (less heat from ground ... anatomy!) Kidneys (↑ concentrated urine, saves water ... physiology!) Nocturnal (behavioural!) Stuffs cheeks (food absorbs water vapour ... behavioural!) Camel Extreme water stress Allow body to heat SA:V allows slow heat up Muskrat Evasion Makes dome, protection from p
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