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Guide Rescue Guidelines with Example from Mexican Wolves and Florida panthers.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
John Coleman

Guide Rescue Guidelines with Example from Mexican Wolves and Florida Panthers By: Philip W. Hedrick and Richard Fredrickson Abstract  Population or species with low fitness (high genetic load): genetic rescue has been advocated to help avoid extinction Introduction  Positive ecological factors are essential for persistence of endangered species  Genetic factors important in conservation  Inbreeding and loss of the genetic diversity  Inbreeding depression is an effect on fitness  There are several different approaches to genetics  Captive or controlled populations; inbreeding is usually controlled  Both captive and wild populations can be managed  There can be limited gene flow between groups Inbreeding depression, genetic load, and genetic rescue  Inbreeding can be defined as the reduction in fitness (fitness-related traits) for progeny from mating with relatives  Genetic load (lowered mean population fitness) mating between relatives  Genetic load can be defined as the reduction of mean fitness in a population due to high frequencies or fixation of detrimental variants as compared to a population without lowered fitness from detrimental variation  Mexican wolves and Florida panthers in management for genetic rescue Guidelines f
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