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University of Toronto St. George
James Thomson

In 1960s population was growing at the highest rate in historyThe Population Explosion 40 years later the message hasnt change population growth is barely mentioned now as an issue even though population growth and human consumption are the major factors in our ongoing environmental crisisThe problem is not that we havent had an environmental movement and not that some effective things havent been done its a big cultural change but not fast enoughWe have had a 5fold increase in recycling since 1970 but we are also producing 47 more trash than in 1970 20 more CO2 and 0 improvement of energy use400 more endangered species todayWere seeing 6 mass extinction of species in Earths history only one caused by one species and thats usThe human species is unique because our consumption pattern is not just given by our appetiteAn elephant has a similar consumption pattern no matter what but people can decide how to eat how big our houses are etcoThere is no limit to consumption for humansOur demand for resources is increases but not the planet now we are at a global overshootoOur demand exceeds beyond what nature can generateWe have never had to encounter limits beforeOur population is growing at a much slower rate than in the 1970s it is at the center of the crisis The demand for food is now driven by 3 forces 1 Population growth 2 Rising affluence 23 billion people trying to move up the food chain 3 Conversion of grain into fuel for carsThe grain required to fill an SUV would feed one person for a yearWe are peaking in oil production availability of food globally will plummetBiggest issue will be water
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