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James Thomson

Lecture 24 Synthesis and ProspectsSlide41Big technological advance in the US b29 and grand coulee damB36 is even more important innovation than b29 has jet engines and propellers wasnt instrumental in any wars although b29 was instrumental in ww2This was when technology was about making things big Slide 42Impact could be something like greenhouse gasesMitigation reducing the amount of warming thats going to occur oNot going to be something that modern societies do very much ofoHuman response to problems in response to climate change fall in the category of adaptation Adaptation find technological means to reduce negative effects of global warming Denial movement has changed to adaptation to the current situationMigration of humans out of unhabitable areas into habitable areasSlide 43Concrete generates heat exothermic reactionHeats up so much so they had to put 2k miles of pipe to run cold water through to cool it This dam was made to irrigate the west Slide 44Liberal left wing saw it as a great thing Hydroelectric power is good wo generating green house gasesSalmon need to go up and down a river and a dam makes it much harderLosing Salmon fishery had detrimental effects for first nations ppl Dam undergo siltation rivers carry mud that go under the impoundment of the dam and those giant lakes that are responsible for dams function fill up with dirt There are dams that are now being abandoned bc theyve silted to the point where theyre useless It will take a long time for Grand coulee to silt up but it eventually will Slide 45Climate refugeeplace where they live have become climatically unsuitable and move to a different place Sahelband of 6 countries south of the Sahara desert various cycles of drought currently there is a level of political uprising Borders closed dont help you migrate Desertification in this region
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