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James Thomson

Lecture 22 Role of Greenhouse Gases in Climate ChangeSlide 19The climate in the earth has not been stable over any long geological period in history55 mya there wasnt any southeastern USA all that was under the Sea the great lakes didnt existWeve been alternating between glacial and interglacial period get warmerMow were in an interglacial periodIn the big picture we are living at a cold time in the Earth we have ice caps within this cold period were in a warm zone Earth was warm for much of its geological history 55MYA was a warm timeoAt this time there was no ice in the poles no arctic ice cap no place on Earth with permanent glaciers Antarctica was just a continent with plants back then Slide 20 Estimating temperatures from different cores top two were drilled from Antarctica The three data sets are in agreement as to when the warmer and colder periods wereWeve pretty much been in alternation between the warmer and colder periods Slide 21Were in an ice age right now but we will have a glacial period where the polar ice caps will move southward and cover Canada and Northern Europe under ice Shorttermwill continue to get warmer Slide 22All 4 scientists made significant contributions to the development of models of weather and climate These models play a huge role in our scientific approach of this issue of global warming and climate change Slide 23Tyndall invented the field of physical chemistryHe wanted to find out what processes in the atmosphere exist by which EM radiation light is absorbed or passed through by gasesDeveloped this apparatus De could introduce various mixtures of gases and had a detection device to look at how much heat can be transmitted through the gas
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