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Debbie Tam

BIO251 Lab 1 Quiz Notes: Nucleus – storage of hereditary information Chloroplasts – photosynthesis Vacuole – storage and turgor pressure Mitochondria – cellular respiration Endoplasmic Reticulum – protein and lipid synthesis Tonoplast – encloses the vacuole, controls what enters or exits the vacuole Golgi Body – vesicular transport Cell Wall – structural support, communication with environment B) EGERIA - cells are short rectangles - cell walls support, protect and help the cell to communicate - chloroplasts are located in the cytoplasm -Green pigment is caused by chlorophyll a and b - green pigments are located in the chloroplasts - vacuole takes up the entire cell C) YELLOW PEPPER - chromoplasts are located in the cytoplasm, they are colored plastids that typically contain yellow or orange pigment similar to chloroplasts - xanthophyll are responsible for the yellow color - chromoplasts function to attract insects/animals to aid in pollination/fertilization and spreading of their seeds D) BANANA - IKI stains starch dark purple-black - starch are located in amyloplasts EPIDERMIS functions as mechanical protection, prevention of water loss, light perception, temperature regulation and control of gas exchange. E) Fennel Epidermis - in the epidermis the chloroplasts are located in the guard cells Stomata function in gas exchange Pavement cells are clear to maximize light absorption GROUND TISSUE – COLLENHYMA - Collenchyma cells are usually long and form bundles underneath the epidermis - Living at maturity - Unevenly thickened walls, contain high concentration of pectin - Provide flexibility and support for regions of the plant that are still growing Alcain blue- stains pectin blue Phloroglucinol stains lignin fibers red - Chollenchyma cells do not have lignin secondary walls bc it didn’t stain red - Lamena is the division between two cell walls Schlerenchyma – two types of cells: Sclereids and fibers - Lignified second wall - Sclereids are smaller than fibers and variable in size and shape - Support and protect parts of the plants that are no longer growing PARENCHYMA – body of plant - Have thinner and uniform walls compared to chollenchyma - Living - No lignified cell walls Lab 2 Quiz Notes: - Light energy is derived from thermonuclear fusion reactions in the sun - 90% or energy co
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