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Kenneth Yip

Respiration exchange ofoxygen and carbon dioxide between the external environment and the mitochondriaMitochondrial Respiration production of ATP through oxidation of carbs AAs or fatty acids O2 consumed CO2 producedExternal Respiration gas exchange at the lungsInternal Respiration gas exchange at tissuesOrganism Method Enters Exits Blood Flow Air Flow Sponge flagella ostia osculum Direct diffusion unidirectional into cells Cnidarians Muscle contractions mouth mouth Direct diffusion tidalinto cells Snails and Clams cillia Under shell Under shell countercurrent tidal Molluscs Cephalopods Muscle contraction countercurrent tidal squid Small Crustaceans diffusion barnacles Large Crustaceans Gill bailer negative pressure in Under legs mouthunidirectional branchial chamber sucks water across gills Lamprey Nonfeeding Muscular pump mouth Gill opening countercurrent unidirectional Lamprey Feeding Muscular pump Gill opening Gill opening countercurrent tidal Hagfish Muscular pump velum mouth Gill opening countercurrent unidirectional expand buccal cavityElasmobranches Mouth and Gill slitsunidirectionalWater enters buccal cavity spiraclesmouth and spiracles closebuccal cavity contracts forcing water past gills and outmouth open opercular valve closed Teleost Fish mouth Opercular slit countercurrent unidirectional buccal cavity expandswater entersbuccal floor raises and opperculem
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