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Cell and Systems Biology
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Sathya SivapathasundaramPart F Executive SummaryMission StatementWe want to authorize our students with the skills to become confident effective andindependent studentsSathya Sivapathasundaram the owner of this institution could be directly contacted to his cell phone 000 0000000I do not wish to share and will be available at all times Your tutor is a tutoring institution that has tutors to teach students from grade 1 to grade 12 The young tutors will be patiently teaching young students from grade 18 and tolerating their immature behaviour High school students on the other hand will have well experienced tutors who will provide them with the best information and help them with their school assignmentsYour Tutorwill provide excellence in your childs academic progress by being assisted by patient and well experienced tutors who wish to help and make sure these students succeed in school This institution offers reasonable tuition fees and has legit resources for your child to use To begin my venture I will need a loan of 50000 to invest in my business This money will go to opening up the institution getting the furniture advertising and other sales promotion Therefore I would need a loan so that I can get this business up and running and as a result it will be paid back including the interest The business is going to have staff members who are very familiar with each subject and are willing and to serve these students needs in addition it will be a clean environment therefore students can be comfortable and it will also attract more customers Your tutor will have a organized schedule for the students to follow and will be given feedbacks based on their childrens academic progress so that the parents could keep up and offer help outside of school and tutor or give more moral support In conclusion the tuition fees are decent and very
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