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Cell and Systems Biology
William Navarre

MGY377H © Lisa| Page 113 A S S I G N M E N T 1 : T H E G E R M T H E O R Y O F D I S E A S E 1. 1850-1900 Golden Era of Microbiology 2. life expectancy doubled though the 20 century 3. primary contributors to increase in life expectancy due to: 1. major improvements in hygiene, sanitation, food inspection 2. dvpmt of vaccines effective against major diseases 3. dvpmt of antibiotics 4. the “green revolution” where improvements in agriculture made famine unheard of & grammatically improved the nutrition & health of the populace 1. all of these influenced life expectancy mostly by their impact on reducing infant & childhood mortality 4. small but steady increases in life expectancy now are due to improvements in preventing & treating CVD, stroke, & cancer, as well as workplace, home, & automobile safety standards GERM THEORY & MIASMA THEORY OF DISEASE th 5. germ theory of disease (late 19 century) states that some diseases are caused by microorganisms 1. germ = virus, bacterium, protest, fungus, prion 2. microorganisms that cause disease = pathogen 6. miasma theory was an earlier explanation for disease supplanted by the germ theory 1. miasma theory of disease transmission states that diseases were caused by a miasma (noxious polluted air) emanating rotting organic matter 2. disease was the product of envmtal factors: contaminated water, foul air, poor hygienic conditions 3. infection was not passed bw individuals CONTRIBUTORS TO GERM THEORY 7. Agostino Bassi (Italian, 1808-1813) 1. first person to prove that a disease was caused by a microorganism 2. the “vegetable parasite” (Beauveria bassiana) caused disease in silk worms (calcinaccio) 8. Ignaz Semmelweis (Hungarian obstetrician, 1847) 1. puerperal fever in women who delivered i
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