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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
William Navarre

HMB325H © Lisa| Page 113 S E S S I O N 1 1 : H O W T O A N A LY Z E S U R V I VA L D ATA ( C H A P T E R 1 1 ) d i standard errorof thecurve=cumulative survival × i √ ni( id i where the summation (indicated by Ʃ) extends over all times at which deaths occurred up to and including time i d: number of deaths at each time point i ni number at risk at each time point 95 CIat t =cumulativesurvival ±1.96×SE i i i use normal distribution to determine the multiplier *can’t have a survival greater than 100% (truncate the value at 100%), or lower than 0% expected = dtot×n 1. A,i ntotal A ,i where expected outcome in group A = (indiv w outcome / total number of indiv in all groupsA x n ex. expected number of deaths for group A = (number of people who die / N) xAn 2. repeat for each applicable time 3. sum observed minus expected for all times U LΣ ob(erved A,iexpected A,i) (sum of the differences between the observed
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