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Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

SummaryPolio STEP THIRTEEN PolioSummary 1 Humanschimps 2 Picorna Entero 3 SMALL 30 nm 4 CD155 5 2 proteases 4 structural proteins polymerase 9 3 serotypes 10 Gut GALT 11 Eradicated in Western countries 13 90 Asymptomatic flulike muscle spasm paralytic myelitis012 fatal or residual paralysis PPSslow complication 3040y later14 IPVformalinefixed suitable for immunocompromised people ndOPVlive vaccine can cause 2ry infection from feces VAPP Numbers correspond to those of the Summary Table from the website Replication VPg2024 AA hydroPHOBIC linked to tyrosine OH at RNA 5 end stick to cell membrane VPgPolyU grabs PolyA of mRNAs need to be cleaved for translation capindependent translation IRESinternal stemloop RNA structure at 5 end ribosome binding site PolyA3 end of RNA REPLICATED into POLYU Polymerasebecomes functional when combined w one cellular protein Replication is entirely cytoplasmic Gutnerve endings in intestineclimb neuronscause encephalitisProtease Cleave at QGMaturation cleavageAUTOLYTICCanyon th3 proteins form a canyon 4 one is inside Rimhighly variable Bottomhighly conservedCD155 binds CD155immunoglobulinlike molecule 5 domains WINblock canyonsviral RNA cannot come out of capsid PoliovirusSLOW ANTIGENIC DRIFT STEP FOURTEEN Other PicornaGeneral Picorna PrionsRNA NO lipids or envelopes 1 type coat in plantbacs 4 in animals NO CAP MONOCISTRONIC ie ONE ORFPOLYPROTEINCoxsackieprion gene on short arm of chrm20 1 Humans chimps subclinical infection 2 Picorna EnteroPrPc rich in alphahelices no beta sheetsPrPSc isoform of PrPc with rich beta sheets in 4 ICAM1 5 SSRNA 6 Polyprotein 7 Replicationprimarily in throat small intestine lymph nodes unfolding of alpha sheets and refolding of beta sheets resistant to proteolysisIn the lower intestine the virus enters the Peyer patches throughthe M cellsNo immune response for prions cellular proteins9 CA23 CB6CAsCBs antigenically unrelatedPrions are NOT the cause for Alzheimer Parkinsons disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 10 Wide range of organsmuscles myocardium brain spinal cord pancreatic islets lung skin conjunctivae ALS 11 Worldwide CBin environment soil raw veggie shellfish fecesConformational changes in proteins are common to Prions and Alzheimer 12 Oralfaecal dirty hands water food aerosol 13 Various acute diseases3 routes of HSE Transmission Nervous systempoliolike paralysis not very common o Inherited autosomal dominant FFI familial fatal insomnia aceptic ie nonbacterial meningitisSkinmucosaHERPANGINA Handfootmouth disease CAo Acquired GH injection cornea transplant medical instrument stomatitis Herpeslike vesicularRubellalike rashesStriated musclesPLEURODYNIA aka Bornholm disease CB o Ingestion Kuru vCJDsudden pain in chest due to involvement of diaphragmCJDaffect languagememory early signs depression sleep disturbance Chronic fatigue syndrome postviral fatigue syndromeHeartmyocarditis pericarditis myopericarditis fatal in neonatesKuru cerebella syndromebalance problems Alimentary tractliveracute ab pains like appendicitis in kids Bunyaviruses2006 APREP Inc Helical SS 3 RNA pieces polymerase packaged with its RNA BUNYAN TOP HuBPanhandle 2 ends complementary Ambisense S of Phlebo SM of Tospo o 53Most bunyaviruses dont affect humansAntigenic shift and drift not as serious as influenzaG1G2 receptor binding for animal cellsinsect cells In Hanta one for humans and one for mice Transmitted by insects and mosquitoes arthropod vectors except Hantaa virus transmitted through miceReplicate in both vertebrates and insects Hantaa viruses have no known arthropod replication cycle Antigenic shiftHantaviruses
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