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Cell and Systems Biology

CSB428H1F Article #1: Langevin et al. Drosophila Wing Notum Exocyst Introduction Loss of exocyst Sec5, Sec6 and Sec15 in fly epithelia results in DE-CadArm accumulating in enlarged Rab11 recycling endosome (RE). Rab11 interact with Sec15 and Arm interacts with Sec10, as Sec15 and Sec10 are located on RE. The exocyst complex is important for recognition and tethering between vesicle and PM for polarized transport to apical and basal membranes. DE-CadArm accumulate intracellularly in sec5 Crb-Sdt, Baz-Par6-aPKC, basolateral Dlg, Scrib and Fas3 was unaffected inSec5, but DE-Cad, Arm and D-cat accumulated in apical cytoplasm and around nucleus in punctate structures. DE-Cad and Arm accumulate in enlarged RE in Sec5 Golgi marker Lva, EE marker Rab5 and LE marker HRS were normal, but Rab11 was distributed in enlarged punctate structures with higher fluorescence. Some of these large RE were formed by coalescence of smaller punctate structures. Additional RE marker was also found in higher levels. DE-Cad and A
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