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Cell and Systems Biology

CSB428H1F Article #5: Morais-de-Sa et al. aPKC phosphorylation of Bazooka Introduction Baz localizes below Par-6aPKC and excluded from apical domain by aPKC phosphorylation that disrupts BazaPKC binding, which is also helped by the Crb complex. Both Crb and Sdt bind directly to PDZ of Par-6. Two C Thr of Crb are phosphorylated by aPKC and is required for Crb activity. Baz binds Arm and DE-Cad and Echinoid of AJ. In the absence of aPKC phosphorylation, Baz recruits AJ to apical, and expands lateral domain. In neuroblasts, Baz recruits Par-6aPKC to the apical cortex and aPKC phosphorylation of Numb and Mira exclude them from apical domain. Baz directly binds Numb. Scrib, Dlg and Lgl localize below apical lateral junctions to antagonize Crb complex. Baz can bind Par-6-aPKC using CR3 and PDZ domains, but is excluded from Par-6aPKC domains. Baz is below Par-6aPKC in follicular epithelium aPKC is apical and Baz is more basal with Arm and AJ. Removal of Baz abolishes apical aPKCPar- 6 and ArmDE-Cad localiz
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