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Cell and Systems Biology

CSB428H1F Article #8: Siegrist et al. Drosophila MT induced PinsGi Introduction Astral MT, kinesin, Dlg induce cortical polarization of PinG i in neuroblasts. The cortical domain generates spindle asymmetry, daughter cell size asymmetry and sibling fates. Kinesin localizes to (+) ends, and Dlgkinesin, DlgPins co-immunoprecipitate, suggesting polarity is induced by Dlgkinesin interactions MTKinesinDlg pathway acts in parallel to InscuteablePar pathway, but Inscuteable pathway is at prophase coordinating with CNS and MT pathway is at metaphase coordinating mitotic spindle axis. Neuroblast cortical polarity involves BazaPKCPar-6 and Insc, Partner of Insc (Pins, G i to the apical cortex during interphase. At metaphase NMY-2, Dlg, Scrib and Lgl localize to apical as well. Astral MT induce pinsGiDlg cortical polarity at metaphase insc mutant lacks apical InscBazaPKCPar-6, but PinsGiDlg still formed crescents. The crescents were found all around cortex abnormally and delayed from prophase to metaphase. This suggests formation of PinsGiDlg crescents at metaphase is independent of InscP
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