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Cell and Systems Biology
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Darrel Desveaux

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CSB452 LECTURE 1 PAMP Triggered Immunity (PTI) Infiltration bypass stomata while spray allow coating. Vacuum infiltration is more uniform. Pathogen Associated Molecular Pattern can be flagellin, lipopolysaccharides of gram-negative bacteria, chitin, ergosterol, transglutaminase from fungi, or bacterial translation elongation factor EF-TU. Induces MAPK cascade, transcription of PR genes and deposition of b1-3-glucn callose at infection site visualized by analine blue dye. PAMP and Receptor Identification + + PAMP cause plant to uptake H , release K and increase pH causing alkalinization of media. Apply bacterial protein extract separated by SDS-PAGE and see which band causes alkalinization. When flg22 is applied to plant before infiltration, bacterial growth decreased afterwards. EMS mutagenesis of seeds. Plants are then selfed to produce homozygous recessive mutant. WT seedling exposed to flg22 show stunted growth, so screen for insensitive mutant that grows normally with flg22. Cross mutant to other ecotype for mapping. Identified
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