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Chemical Engineering

CHE 210HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER MIDTERM EXAMINATIONth11 MARCH 2012NAMESTUDENT ID NUMBERQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Total 25 25 25 15 10 100INSTRUCTIONS1 This examination is open book open notesNo electronic aids other than a nonprogrammable nongraphing calculator are allowed2 Please write your answers in the blue books provided to you 3 Please write legiblyIf your handwriting is unreadable your answers will not be assessed4 Answers written in pencil will NOT be remarkedThis is University policy5 For all problems you must present the solution process in a step by step fashion for partial marksPage 1 of 14SOLID PHASE HEAT TRANSFER EQUATION constantspecific heat constant densityT Ck T qsourcept T2For constant thermal conductivityCk T qsourceptCARTESIAN COORDINATE SYSTEMTTTT Ckkk qsourceptxxyyzz TTTNkNkNkConductive flux components xyzxyz222TT T TCkqConstant k sourcep222txyzCYLINDRICAL COORDINATE SYSTEM11TTTTCk rkk q sourcep2trrrrzz1TTTConductive flux components NkNkNkrzrrz2211TT T TCkrqConstant k sourcep222tr rrrzSPHERICAL COORDINATE SYSTEM111TTTT2 sinCk rkk qsourcep222 2sinsintrrrrr 11TTTNkNkNkConductive flux components rsinrrr 2111TTTT2sinCkrqConstant kpsource222 2 2sinsintr rrrr Page 2 of 14
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