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Sathya SivapathasundaramthDue Monday 11 2011Role 4 Differentiated Reader Response5 iWhile reading this section of the novel I was reflecting back on where I came from In the novel by Robertson Davies it was evident that the citizens of Deptford did not Fifth Business experience dictatorship Where I came from that is all that I experienced as a child Much like how the government would do many hurtful and harmful things to the citizens at that time and did not feel any remorse or guilt Staunton also did not seem guilty for his unethical actions Due to his foolish behaviour and actions he was responsible for Mrs Dempsters mental illness and her childs early birth which put him in jeopardy Staunton eventually hid the truth and did not confessWhile I came across this event it had reminded me of where I came from I came from a developing country Sri Lanka where a price of a life is cheap As a result the dictators use their power to shut the ones who stand up for their rights They also sugar coat the truth to the media to make them appear as innocent as can be Although Deptford did not experience dictatorship I was emotionally irritated due to the fact that Staunton did not step up and confess and rather used his physical strength as a threat to make sure Dunstan did not leak the truth The baby came too soon said I testing him Did it said he looking me straight in the eyesAnd you know why I saidNo I dontYes you do You threw that snowballI threw a snowball at you h
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