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Sathya SivapathasundaramthFriday 15 2011Day 5Role 4 Write a LetterDear Dunstan Ramsay I am pleased to see your generosity of taking care of your first love Mrs Dempster sure needs an honest and reliable person to be taken care of due to her mental illness Although Mrs Dempster does not recognize who you are from her early days back in Deptford At these meals MrsDemptster rarely spoke and although it was clear that she recognized me as a regular visitor nothing to suggest any memory of Deptford ever passed between us Davis 159 please continue to show support and care when you initially become responsible for her wellbeing On that note I do not think that it will be a great idea to tell Mrs Dempster of her lost son On that note I think that Mrs Dempster is not in her state of mind to know the whereabouts of Paul However I think it would be a great idea if you were to convince Paul to go back and see his mother and how she is since he had left her Although Paul i
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