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Sathya SivapathasundaramthMonday 182011Day6Role 1 Literary CriticiIt was a very hushhush affair People talk boldly about suicide and mans right to choose his own time of death when it is not near them For most of us when it draws close suicide is a word of fear and never more so that in small closely knit communities Davis 162The tool that was used in this selection from the novel is both tone and mood The tone of death was created when Miss Shanklin had died due to pneumonia As a reader I felt that more death was going to occur when Dunstan had stated that people boldly talk about suicide and this mood kept me captivated into the novel because I assumed that something dreadful was going to occur to the other cares such as deathii Leola was never told that she was the prettiest woman in the room Boys usual attitude towards her was one of chivalrous patience with a discernible undertone of exasperation She loved him abjectly but she was the one person on who he spent none of his sexual force except in the negative form of bullying I tried to stand up for Leola as much as I could but as she was utterly unable to stand up for herself I had to be careful if I was angry with Boy as sometimes happened she took his side She lived her life solely in relation to him if he thought poo
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